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Our Story

The Utopic touch was born out of a desire to design our dream home while being reassured that we were making the best buying decision at every step of the way. My wife and I were modeling our first home, and during this process, we struggled with finding appliances that met our desired look. When we did stumble on some items, it was always at a big-box retailer who had little regard for the basic customer. It was a nightmare trying to get a representative who would help us with our inquiries and reassure us on our concerns.  It was important to us to get the perfect items to model our home, so we didn't want to cut any corners. This process was long and tedious and ultimately left us feeling defeated. After talking with some of our friends, we realized we're not the only ones who struggled with this process, and this led us to identify a problem in the market for luxury home products.

Our struggle to be cared for and heard out during our home design journey lead to the birth of The Utopic Touch! We are a family-run business with a focus on our customer experience! We aim to make your life easier by providing premium luxury products coupled with extraordinary customer service! We are always a click or call away, and we look forward to servicing you!

Giving Back

Join us on our journey to make a positive impact on children in our local communities! When you shop with us, you are not only getting premium products; you are also supporting our quest to help the next generation. A portion of all profits are donated to Toys for Tots and Shriner Hospitals.

Who can I contact if I need assistance?

We're here to help! If your having any difficulty or need help clarifying anything throughout your home design journey, you can contact us Monday – Sunday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST at (360) 780-6974.

You may also email our help desk at support@theutopictouch.com with any questions you may have.
Orders can be placed online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Feel free to live chat us, as seen in the bottom right corner of your screen.



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